123short.ca is a URL shortener that compensate the publishers if the shortened links by offering from 51% to 60% of the advertising revenue.

Our members breakdown into 2 categories: Publishers & Advertisers.

A Publisher will generate money through 123short.ca by placing the shortened links on their website, blog, facebook, twitters etc. Every time a visitor will click on that link, they will first view a page of advertisement (including a short article about various topics to make the waiting a learning opportunity!) for 15 seconds. After this, a skip button will appear that will enable the visitor to reach his final destination. At this moment, a revenue has been generated and we share it with the publisher of the link.

Advertisers pay 123short.ca for visitors to their website or affiliate URL. They are able to target a geographic, set a campaign and buy the visitors driven through the short links of our publishers.