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1) Requirements to apply?

To join us you must send an email to and ensure to answer the three following questions:

  1. What country/state is your business located?
  2. How many page views do you get on average per month?
  3. What are the traffic sources?

Your content must be family friendly and compliant with our terms of use and privacy policy (note*: We reserve the right to deactivate your account and delete all your links in case of infringement to this rule)

Also please ensure to attach the following documents to your application:


2) Why can’t I sign up?

We are happy to help publishers monetize the traffic driven by their content, unfortunately, we have learned by experience that not all publishers respect our rules. Our previous shortlink websites have been shut down because some of our advertisers have seen their ads displayed on shortlinks that were redirecting to harmful content (pornographic, gambling etc.). As we try to satisfy our publishers, it is also our duty to ensure that our advertisers get what they are paying for: a family friendly content. 

Thus, to avoid such a situation to repeat itself, we have decided to close our previous website and start from scratch with that will be limited this time to 100 users.


3) Who is this website for?

This website has entirely been built to enable 100 VIP publishers to work with us. We have already invited the top 35 publishers of our previous website, meaning that currently there are only 65 spots available.

*Note: The top 35 publishers have been contacted already, if you have not received an email, it means that you did not make the list. 

**Note (April 9th, 2019): We have 65 openings available at the moment. 


4) Why a VIP short link ?

We do not want to open registrations to the public and we prefer to keep a small but selected community for two reasons:

  1. We firmly believe top publishers must receive a VIP service (receive their payment within 24hours maximum, answer their questions in a 3-hour frame etc.)
  2. Have better control over the content that is shorted through our website in order to ensure that is family friendly (for more information, please review our terms of use)


Want to join us? Apply now ONLY 65 SPOTS LEFT!

If you complete the criteria above please send us a message to